Key People
Donald R. Jeppe,

A founder and VP of Manufacturing, Don's experience in
manufacturing test fixtures and related parts goes back to 1968
when, fresh out of trade school Don went to work in a job shop
making parts for Pylon, on of the first test fixture houses in the
country.  Later, Don went to work directly for Pylon as a foreman in
their machine shop. Don's career path took him from Pylon to
another major manufacturer of test fixtures, to his own business
making and finishing test fixtures.  Don has been in the business
of making quality parts for the A.T.E. industry for more than 30
Joseph R. Hardenbergh,
Production Manager

Joe began his career in 1967, when he worked as a machinist
making parts for test fixtures.  In 1974, he went to work for Pylon as
a foreman in the machine shop.  In 1980, Joe's talents were
recognized and he assumed the management responsibilities of
the sheet metal and drilling departments as well.

Joe Hardenbergh is truly an encyclopedia of A.T.E. manufacturing
Jim Joubert

Jim Joubert joined us in September of 2000 as an outside
salesperson.  In this capacity, his performance added much to
broaden our market and increase our share.  When a full-time
director of sales was needed, Jim was promoted to Sales
Manager.  This opportunity not only took advantage of Jim's
knowledge of the special needs of our customers but his many
years experience as a successful manager in the Automotive,
Food and Beverage industries.  Mr. Joubert is a very important
member of our management team because he is always there to assure that every
customer is always given the good service they deserve.  A call to Jim is sure to result in a
satisfied customer.  He is, above all, a professional.

Jim is a dedicated family man with 4 children and 10 grandchildren.