Company History
In the fall of 1989, Peter DeSimone and Don Jeppe, two friends who did business together on
a regular basis, decided to enter into a part-time partnership venture to hedge against the
future and to augment their incomes.  Their idea was to sell industrial plastics and machined
parts, each effort complementing the other.  After a few short months, driven by their
customers' demands, they realized that they needed to make a bigger commitment to their
business.  So, in the spring of 1990, they incorporated Applied Precision Technology, Inc.

In the beginning, A.P.T. subleased space from a friend and used his equipment to fill
customers' orders.  Later in the spring, the Corporation bought its first machine, a CNC
milling machine.  This marked the beginning of several new pieces of equipment purchased
in response to growing customers' demands.

In 1991, A.P.T. moved to our present location, 81 West Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts.  At
first we occupied 2,500 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space.  Later in that year, we
introduced our first exclusive product, AT7000™, "FR4(G10), made especially for the
Automated Test Equipment Industry."

Today, A.P.T. has over 15,000 sq. ft., several new pieces of equipment, and more than 20
people. Sales have grown more than 75 times over since the first full year and our service
area now includes all of the United States and International.